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Meatmasters’ Factory is a traditional German smokehouse, and we are one of the few meat processors who still follow age-old recipies in preparing our famous deli products.

Where many processors now specialise in products for the low-end market, such as polony, econo Russians and smokies, we have concentrated on quality products, such as our Special Russian, German Vienna, Salami, Frankfurters, Hams, Bacons, Käsegrillers, Smoked Eisbein, Pate’s and Gammons, to name a few.

We do not use smoked additives, soya and other bulking agents that are commonplace in the industry today. All our products are available at our retail outlets. If you require any products in bulk for catering purposes, feel welcome to visit our factory shop behind Natalia Meatmarket and we will happily help you make the right choices. As you can see on the advert below, we invite you to “Just taste!” our products, and we are confident that once tasted, you will always return.

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