Vryheid Meatmasters was established in 1996. Since then we have expanded our operation in the Abattoir, wholesaling and meat processing industry.We specialise in the wholesale & retail of meat and meat products. Our business ethic was built on quality and we pride ourselves as suppliers to discerning customers.

We guarantee the quality of the meat on your plate! We control the whole chain, from the farm to the slaughter, ageing and transport, cutting and presentation to you, our customer.

Our outlets cater for the whole spectrum of the market, from our Abattoir wholesale division where carcasses are sold to butcheries and meat processors, to our Meatmasters Smokehouse & Meat Processing Factory, where we wholesale to the public and deliver throughout Northern KwaZulu-Natal. We have three retail outlets, Natalia Meatmarket, Central Butchery and Vryheid Butchery.

We cater for everyone, from hotels to restaurants and caterers, and directly to you. We have an exclusive distributorship for Crown National products in the area. Our Butchery Supplies Division, supplies spices, casings and goods related to the meat industry, throughout Northern KwaZulu-Natal.

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